- no evil characters
- roll dice or take average for hit points
- hit point rerolls:
  1d4 - no reroll
  1d6 - reroll on a 1
  1d8 - reroll on a 1 or 2
  1d10 - reroll on a 1, 2 or 3
  1d12 - reroll on a 1, 2, 3 or 4
Only 1 reroll allowed (however, see below).
If the result of the reroll is still low enough to require another reroll, add the two rolls together for your final total.
- New Characters and XP: New characters will start at the same level as their old one (or the lowest level character if they didn't have one). All new characters will start with with either the minumum xp needed for that level or at the halfway point (DMs descretion, depending on where the other characters are in their progression). New characters will use the Wealth by Level table (DMG p135) to determine wealth for their level.
- Stabilization Checks: d100 with 01-10 marking a successful stabilization. No other varientrs allowed.

Levelling Up
- You must have a full night's rest before levelling up.

Must provide DM with half a level of notice if taking a new class.
Once notification is given, you MUST take that class when you next level up (so no changing your mind at the last moment).
This represents the learning and training you have undertaken to learn a new class.
After you have attained the 1st level, you no longer need to provide notice to take more levels in any class you already have at least 1 level in.

- Spell Casters
     Bonus 0-Level Spells:
     Character classes that have access to 0-level spells gain bonus 0-level spells equal to their spell bonus ability modifier.      For example, a wizard named Brian can cast 3 additional 0-level spells per day because of his 17 (+3) Int.

- Paladin: detect evil removed
                1st level: Negotiator (bonus feat)
                4th level: Skill Focus (Dipolomacy) (bonus feat)
                7th level: Skill Focus (Sense Motive) (bonus feat)

- Dodge: +1 to AC while Dex applies.
- Toughness: +1 hit point per hit dice.

- General: All skills automatically succeed on a roll of 20 against a set DC, or fail on a roll of 1. Opposed skill checks are used as normal.
- Spellcraft: identifying potions - can be tried again after gaining a further rank in Spellcraft.

- teleport: all subjects, including caster, are dazed for 1d4+2 rounds after arriving at destination
- teleport, greater: as teleport
- teleportation circle: as teleport
- miracle: DM only
- wish: DM only

- Meta Magic rods